StringcaseSense, Variables and parsing problem

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StringcaseSense, Variables and parsing problem

11 Feb 2019, 20:05

I want to be able to create variables in upper and lower case. I thought stringcasesense would help but so far what I have doesn't work:

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StringCaseSense, on

h := "hello world!"

test := "Hh"
loop, parse, test
	line := A_loopfield ": " %A_loopfield%
	msgbox, %line%
I'm only seeing "hello world!". Can someone please help so both variables display? Thanks.
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Re: StringcaseSense, Variables and parsing problem

11 Feb 2019, 20:33

Variables in AutoHotkey are case insensitive. So H and h are the same variable.

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h := "hello world!"
MsgBox, % H "`r`n" h
Here's a workaround:

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oDict := ComObjCreate("Scripting.Dictionary")
oDict.Item("H") := "HELLO WORLD!"
oDict.Item("h") := "hello world!"
MsgBox, % oDict.Item("H") "`r`n" oDict.Item("h")
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