Groupbox Placement

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Groupbox Placement

16 Sep 2020, 08:45

Okay, I have put together this small piece of code, and I can't figure out why the Listview doesn't show in the first slot... it moves to the second and then continues to keep adding the Listview like I want. It's just not putting one in the first spot. Also if you look at the image, the Listview are going off the screen and out of the GUI, I tried to use the wrap but it doesn't appear to be working. Any ideas? Thanks again.

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Count := 1

Gui, Show, x100 w500 H500
Gui, Add, Button, +wrap gGuiAddLB, Add GroupBox
Gui, Show

Gui, Add, ListView, w50 h50 BackgroundTrans +Wrap
Gui, Add, Progress, X+1 y29 Disabled -hdr

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Re: Groupbox Placement

16 Sep 2020, 09:35

Okay, figured out one part. Not sure how to do a no wrap on the GUI as I"m not putting text there? Would I like need to put the listviews that are being created in like a text area? Either that or I"ll have to throw some HTML in there and I"m trying to avoid that! Grr lol... Thanks
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So they go off or outside the GUI :( *cries*
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