compare copied date

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compare copied date

28 Jan 2021, 08:53

i have a copied date from a program i used
i need to compare it to real time as i have in my computer
and tell me how much time has been passed between them

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;Run, %C:\Program Files(x86)\update.exe
settitlematchmode, 2
winactivate, watch_ro
sleep, 200
Send, !1
sleep, 100
Click, left
;Send, {down 2}
sleep, 100
Send, {AppsKey}
sleep, 100
send, {Down}{right}{enter}
sleep, 100
FormatTime, TimeString
MsgBox %ClipBoard% (time first) is %TimeString%
i dont know how to make the script compare
thank you all
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Re: compare copied date

28 Jan 2021, 11:25

Would make sense to see the format of the time stamp you wanna compare!? :) (change example 2 to your liking).

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