Changing Toggle Aim (RMB) to Hold

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Changing Toggle Aim (RMB) to Hold

01 Feb 2016, 17:25

I'm trying to allow hold to aim on the right mouse button instead of toggle in Crysis Warhead.
Changing to hold to aim is fairly simple and works fine.

The problem is I also want to allow for when I've already started holding RMB (aim) before releasing LShift (sprint), which happens often when quickly sprinting then aiming a weapon.
At the moment in the in game options I have "p" set as toggle aim and "i" as hold to sprint.

At the moment the code I have is:

Code: Select all

Send , p

*RButton up::
Send , p

send , {i down}

*LShift up::
GetKeyState, state, RButton
if state = D
send , {i up}
Sleep, 5
Send , p
send , {i up}
I looked at the output of this script just in notepad.
It shows that when holding LShift/Sprint (sending "i"), holding down RMB then releasing LShift and keeping RMB held down then finally releasing RMB gives:

Any help would be great thanks :)
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Re: Changing Toggle Aim (RMB) to Hold

19 Oct 2018, 08:37

Are you still out there or moved on to greener games? :)
I have a bit of experience opening and sending commands to game console and CMD.exe... just ask :)

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