COM interface with explorer issue

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COM interface with explorer issue

22 Apr 2016, 23:47

Ok so I have a window which I need to logout of.. When I do this however, I need to click() on a button which opens a new tab. The logout is on the bottom of this new tab window. Of course, ComOBJCreate() is attached to the first window. and I need to access the second. Are there any suggestions on how to get the Com object of the new window so that I can interact with that windows controls.
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Re: COM interface with explorer issue

24 Apr 2016, 14:09

Well, you could get it by window title or webpage name/url (see WBGet & IEGet here) ...

... or you could utilize the fact that that the new window should be the last item in the shell.application->windows collection. You could do this by getting the window count, clicking the link, waiting for the window count to increase, then grabbing the last window:

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windows := ComObjCreate("shell.application").windows()
count := windows.count

; Click Link Here

while (count = windows.count)
    sleep 100

wb := windows.item(windows.count - 1)

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