Problem with updating GUI

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Problem with updating GUI

15 May 2016, 04:07

I have a GUI that when I update the text with a long string only part of the string shows. Anyone else ran into this problem?

Code to create GUI:
Gui, XPT100:Margin , 0, 0
Gui, XPT100:font, s13 cblack Arial
Gui, XPT100:Add, Picture, 0 0, %BlankStatusBar%
Gui, XPT100:+LastFound -Caption +AlwaysOnTop +ToolWindow -Border
;Gui, XPT100:Add, Text, x0 y0 w300 h200 +BackgroundTrans gUImove
Gui, XPT100:Add, Text, center x1 y50 +BackgroundTrans vStatMsg, %StatusMsg% ;
Gui, XPT100:font, s8 cblack Arial
Gui, XPT100:Add, Text, center x10 y200 +BackgroundTrans vStatMsgB, TIP: `n To pause hold`n the Windows key and p`n or hit the ESC key to exit.
;GuiControl, +Center, StatMsg
Gui, XPT100:Show, center center NoActivate, StatusBarMsgs
WinSetTitle, StatusMessageBar

Code to update text

GuiControl, XPT100:, StatMsg, %StatusMsg%
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Re: Problem with updating GUI

15 May 2016, 04:22

Define the width of the text control to the widest that it can be (e.g., w100). Otherwise, the width of the control becomes the width of the original text.

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