Step Through Grid Of Charts + Change Indicator Settings

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Step Through Grid Of Charts + Change Indicator Settings

18 Aug 2016, 06:23

Hi everyone - I'm new here and I want to precede this post with a little disclaimer: Although I am very technical (SWE for 20+ years) I have only a specific need and merely seek it to be solved. I work ungodly hours and simply do not have the time to spend more than a few hours familiarizing myself with AHK. I hope nobody here is offended by the fact that I did NOT previously study the manuals in detail in order to solve my problem on my own ;)


Okay now down to business. I have an app called NinjaTrader which is a popular trading slash charting application. I have a grid of charts (see image above but there may be as many as 16) which are all running the same indicator. What I need to do is to step through every single chart and change two parameters on the indicator. More specifically:
  • Automatically select each chart.
  • Right click to and select the indicator menu.
  • Change two parameters on the indicator panel.
  • Hit apply.
  • Wait about an hour.
The last action is a one hour delay which is needed because changing the indicator settings launches a parsing process which is extremely computing intensive. On average the parsing process takes one hour and the entire application hangs (locks up) during that time. I don't assume that AHK would be smart enough to be able to tell when the process has finished. Of course that would be preferable but if it takes too much time to do then I rather put in a simple sleep function.

What I am looking for is for someone to provide me with a few example scripts that cover the sought functionality. If necessary I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee for your help.

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