Open Context Menu (Function)

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Open Context Menu (Function)

09 Feb 2017, 14:18

Is there any way to open the context menu of any file?

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Re: Open Context Menu (Function)

10 Feb 2017, 06:36

Exactly what I was looking for. :salute:

I have decided to remove lines 6, 7, 8 and 78.
On line 5 I changed the variable "win_hwnd"

"WindowProc" function does not work in 32 bits?

Code: Select all

ShellContextMenu( sPath, win_hwnd = 0 ) {
   if ( !sPath  )
   if !win_hwnd
   win_hwnd := DllCall( "User32.dll\FindWindow", "Str", "AutoHotkey", "Str", A_ScriptFullPath ( A_IsCompiled ? "" : " - AutoHotkey v" A_AhkVersion ))

   If sPath Is Not Integer
      DllCall("shell32\SHParseDisplayName", "Wstr", sPath, "Ptr", 0, "Ptr*", pidl, "Uint", 0, "Uint*", 0)
      ;This function is the preferred method to convert a string to a pointer to an item identifier list (PIDL).
      DllCall("shell32\SHGetFolderLocation", "Ptr", 0, "int", sPath, "Ptr", 0, "Uint", 0, "Ptr*", pidl)
   DllCall("shell32\SHBindToParent", "Ptr", pidl, "Ptr", GUID4String(IID_IShellFolder,"{000214E6-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}"), "Ptr*", pIShellFolder, "Ptr*", pidlChild)
   DllCall(VTable(pIShellFolder, 10), "Ptr", pIShellFolder, "Ptr", 0, "Uint", 1, "Ptr*", pidlChild, "Ptr", GUID4String(IID_IContextMenu,"{000214E4-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}"), "Ptr", 0, "Ptr*", pIContextMenu)

   hMenu := DllCall("CreatePopupMenu")
   DllCall(VTable(pIContextMenu, 3), "Ptr", pIContextMenu, "Ptr", hMenu, "Uint", 0, "Uint", 3, "Uint", 0x7FFF, "Uint", 0x100)   ;CMF_EXTENDEDVERBS
      global pIContextMenu2 := ComObjQuery(pIContextMenu, IID_IContextMenu2:="{000214F4-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}")
      global pIContextMenu3 := ComObjQuery(pIContextMenu, IID_IContextMenu3:="{BCFCE0A0-EC17-11D0-8D10-00A0C90F2719}")
   e := A_LastError ;GetLastError()
   if (e != 0)
      goTo, StopContextMenu
   Global   WPOld:= DllCall("SetWindowLongPtr", "Ptr", win_hwnd, "int",-4, "Ptr",RegisterCallback("WindowProc"),"UPtr")
   DllCall("GetCursorPos", "int64*", pt)
   DllCall("InsertMenu", "Ptr", hMenu, "Uint", 0, "Uint", 0x0400|0x800, "Ptr", 2, "Ptr", 0)
   DllCall("InsertMenu", "Ptr", hMenu, "Uint", 0, "Uint", 0x0400|0x002, "Ptr", 1, "Ptr", &sPath)

   idn := DllCall("TrackPopupMenuEx", "Ptr", hMenu, "Uint", 0x0100|0x0001, "int", pt << 32 >> 32, "int", pt >> 32, "Ptr", win_hwnd, "Uint", 0)

   DWORD   cbSize;          0
   DWORD   fMask;           4
   HWND    hwnd;            8
   LPCSTR  lpVerb;          8+A_PtrSize
   LPCSTR  lpParameters;    8+2*A_PtrSize
   LPCSTR  lpDirectory;     8+3*A_PtrSize
   int     nShow;           8+4*A_PtrSize
   DWORD   dwHotKey;        12+4*A_PtrSize
   HANDLE  hIcon;           16+4*A_PtrSize
   LPCSTR  lpTitle;         16+5*A_PtrSize
   LPCWSTR lpVerbW;         16+6*A_PtrSize
   LPCWSTR lpParametersW;   16+7*A_PtrSize
   LPCWSTR lpDirectoryW;    16+8*A_PtrSize
   LPCWSTR lpTitleW;        16+9*A_PtrSize
   POINT   ptInvoke;        16+10*A_PtrSize
   struct_size  :=  16+11*A_PtrSize
   NumPut(struct_size,pici,0,"Uint")         ;cbSize
   NumPut(0x4000|0x20000000|0x00100000,pici,4,"Uint")   ;fMask
   NumPut(win_hwnd,pici,8,"UPtr")       ;hwnd
   NumPut(1,pici,8+4*A_PtrSize,"Uint")       ;nShow
   NumPut(idn-3,pici,8+A_PtrSize,"UPtr")     ;lpVerb
   NumPut(idn-3,pici,16+6*A_PtrSize,"UPtr")  ;lpVerbW
   NumPut(pt,pici,16+10*A_PtrSize,"Uptr")    ;ptInvoke

   DllCall(VTable(pIContextMenu, 4), "Ptr", pIContextMenu, "Ptr", &pici)   ; InvokeCommand

   DllCall("GlobalFree", "Ptr", DllCall("SetWindowLongPtr", "Ptr", win_hwnd, "int", -4, "Ptr", WPOld,"UPtr"))
   DllCall("DestroyMenu", "Ptr", hMenu)
   return idn
WindowProc(hWnd, nMsg, wParam, lParam)
   Global   pIContextMenu2, pIContextMenu3, WPOld
   If   pIContextMenu3
   {    ;IContextMenu3->HandleMenuMsg2
      If   !DllCall(VTable(pIContextMenu3, 7), "Ptr", pIContextMenu3, "Uint", nMsg, "Ptr", wParam, "Ptr", lParam, "Ptr*", lResult)
         Return   lResult
   Else If   pIContextMenu2
   {    ;IContextMenu2->HandleMenuMsg
      If   !DllCall(VTable(pIContextMenu2, 6), "Ptr", pIContextMenu2, "Uint", nMsg, "Ptr", wParam, "Ptr", lParam)
         Return   0
   Return   DllCall("user32.dll\CallWindowProcW", "Ptr", WPOld, "Ptr", hWnd, "Uint", nMsg, "Ptr", wParam, "Ptr", lParam)
VTable(ppv, idx)
   Return   NumGet(NumGet(1*ppv)+A_PtrSize*idx)
GUID4String(ByRef CLSID, String)
   VarSetCapacity(CLSID, 16,0)
   return DllCall("ole32\CLSIDFromString", "wstr", String, "Ptr", &CLSID) >= 0 ? &CLSID : ""
   Return   DllCall("ole32\CoTaskMemFree", "Ptr", pv)
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Re: Open Context Menu (Function)

10 Feb 2017, 06:58

F4Jonatas wrote:"WindowProc" function does not work in 32 bits?
SetWindowLongPtr doesn't exist in a 32-bit user32.dll. Try replacing Global WPOld:= DllCall("SetWindowLongPtr", "Ptr", win_hwnd, "int",-4, "Ptr",RegisterCallback("WindowProc"),"UPtr") with Global WPOld:= DllCall(A_PtrSize == 8 ? "SetWindowLongPtr" : "SetWindowLong", "Ptr", win_hwnd, "int",-4, "Ptr",RegisterCallback("WindowProc"),"Ptr")

Code: Select all

win_hwnd := DllCall( "User32.dll\FindWindow", "Str", "AutoHotkey", "Str", A_ScriptFullPath ( A_IsCompiled ? "" : " - AutoHotkey v" A_AhkVersion ))
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Re: Open Context Menu (Function)

12 Feb 2017, 07:59

are you aware that Shift+F10 opens the context menu for the currently selected item?
Yes. But what I want is to open the context menu of another app.
Qwerty already solved this for me.

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