Detect Keys with RDP Full Screen

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Detect Keys with RDP Full Screen

12 Feb 2017, 22:55

When you are on a local machine that is connected via Remote Desktop to another machine and full screen mode is active locally, the local keystrokes pressed are sent to the remote machine. On the local machine, if an AutoHotkey script is running, the keystrokes (for the most part) will not be detected. There are a few exceptions but most of the 'normal' keys are re-routed, and you can see which ones are detected locally or not by AutoHotkey using a loop to update a ToolTip with the latest A_PriorKey.

For example, mouse buttons and some modifier combinations can be detected by the local AutoHotkey script even with RD in full screen mode, but other keys will not be detected. See also this post for example: ... te+desktop

So the question is whether anyone knows of a lower-level way to possibly detect keystrokes that are being re-directed to the remote machine. For my purposes, this wouldn't need to necessarily be event driven either if it were some kind of flag or register that could be polled. I don't necessarily need to block the keystrokes either, so long as I can detect some of the more standard keys that RD is currently blocking.
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Re: Detect Keys with RDP Full Screen

13 Feb 2017, 00:51

----> Use windows key combinations on this computer setting. <----


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