How can i run two loops at the same time Topic is solved

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How can i run two loops at the same time

11 Mar 2017, 20:15

So i'm trying to run a loop while checking for a message from another script. This is not my actual code but has the same concept.

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Test = 1
OnMessage(0x5555, "MsgMonitor")
; this is the loop
if Test = 1
msgbox, 4144, test, test
sleep, 60000

; this is what i want while that loop is happening 
Test := %wParam%
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Re: How can i run two loops at the same time  Topic is solved

11 Mar 2017, 20:19

To answer the title, you'd use SetTimer instead of Loop.

However, you don't need a loop to check for the message. OnMessage() does that for you. Once you have executed that line, the script in the background will wait for the message. When it gets it, it'll execute the label (or function) you assigned in OnMessage().

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