Remap Capslock to F24

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Remap Capslock to F24

17 Mar 2017, 21:40

I have a program which will include quite a lot of hotkeys. I am trying not to interfere with hotkeys from other programs. I found a post which showed how to map the caps lock to a hyperkey (ctrl-alt-shift-win). From Here I can !^+#a:: code, etc. This does pretty well for me, but I was thinking Capslock to F24 would be sure to avoid conflicts, however attempting to modify the code did not work.

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  SetKeyDelay -1
  Send {Blind}{Ctrl DownTemp}{Alt DownTemp}{Shift DownTemp}{LWin DownTemp}

*CapsLock up::
  SetKeyDelay -1
  Send {Blind}{Ctrl Up}{Alt Up}{Shift Up}{LWin Up}

!^+#a:: tooltip Hyper-%A_ThisHotkey%
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Re: Remap Capslock to F24

17 Mar 2017, 23:31

Use Input level to accomplish what you want.

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#InputLevel 1
#InputLevel 0
F24 & a::tooltip, Hyper-%A_ThisHotkey%

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