Finding strings on a webpage

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Finding strings on a webpage

03 Apr 2017, 17:11


I need to be able to find 3 different texts on a webpage and make them variables.

The strings are as follows: a 8 digit line that always starts with "11", a 10 digit line that always begins with either "39" or "59" and a 6 digit line that always starts with "13".

When I was looking for a solution I found this topic : ... clipboard/

Code: Select all

clip = %clipboard%
JBLen :=	8
if	pos :=	Instr(clip,"11-")
	MsgBox, 4160, , Job code is -  %JobStr%
else	MsgBox, 4112, , Did not find job string
It doesn't work on the Sharepoint forms I'm using to copy the lines from, even though the ^c highlights them so I know they're not ommitted. I was trying with unique line beginnings and length and nothing. Is there a similar way to that presented on the script or do I have to use ImageSearch? (The texts are always in the same locations on the form).

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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