Combining the Right Control key and the AppsKey

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Combining the Right Control key and the AppsKey

24 Mar 2014, 23:45

I would like to combine the Right control key and the AppsKey so that when I hold them both, they would function like the Left Win key.

So that for example, I'd be able to use RCtrl + AppsKey plus the arrow keys to reposition windows.

I've tried thinks like....

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[size=200]RControl & appskey::Lwin ; this throws an error

^appskey::Lwin ; this does not error, but does not work as I want[/size]

...and some variations on that, but haven't had any luck.

Anyone know how I would do this?

Thank you!
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Re: Combining the Right Control key and the AppsKey

28 Mar 2014, 00:59

Appskey does not work. You need to scan the code for that key (see at the bottom of the "List of Keys, Mouse Buttons, and Joystick Controls" page in the help file) but the code is likely SC15D. The hotkeys SC15D:: , RControl & SC15D:: and ^SC15D:: for instance run fine on my system.

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