Simple Google Search Msgbox Script

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Simple Google Search Msgbox Script

21 Apr 2017, 13:34

Hi all

AHK Noob here. Was wondering how you'd make a script which, when text is selected, searches for a definition of the text in google, takes the response provided in the box google shows, and returns it to a message box.

What I currently have is:
send ^c
sleep 100

but i'm not sure how to eloquently have autohotkey select the definition and save it. Also I'd prefer it to do this in a hidden window and not open up a browser window, search, then close it after.

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Re: Simple Google Search Msgbox Script

21 Apr 2017, 16:32

Adding the Hide command to the run statement should cause your browser to launch in a hidden window; I honestly have no idea how you'd get the text from it at that point, though.

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