Chording with Mouse

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Chording with Mouse

25 Apr 2017, 13:27

I have an extra mouse button set to send a double-click when pressed. I want to have AutoHotkey perform a certain action when I hold the left button down together with the extra button. Is this possible with AutoHotkey?
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Re: Chording with Mouse

25 Apr 2017, 14:42

You need to tell more about your spechial mouse. I meet one in the woods this Easter wacation, and it wasn't afraid at all as it only concern seem to be to eat as much heather and grass as possible :mrgreen:

No, I mean at leas you need to tell about the modell number and driver you have installed. Most likely the included software just emulates a double click just as you'll be able to use ahk for.
The other thing - when the driver software does not emulates other key klick, what function does the button have - MButton?

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