Chosen jQuery plugin in an ActiveX control

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Chosen jQuery plugin in an ActiveX control

14 Jun 2017, 12:04


Im not particular happy with what AHK has to offer when it comes to Combi and DDL controls and thought about having a html search box with dropdown menu in an activeX control. Sure its no problem to show a few links and some styling within the control but implementing a jQuery plugin into it is a whole another ballgame and on a level I havent operated on before. So Im therefor are seeking some help if anybody might be interested. My thought was to use JoeDFs "activex gui" sample as template:
...and then implementing the very powerful Chosen jQuery plugin into it.
To test the plugin (first sample) here:
To download (v.1.7.0) it here:
It would be very cool having the opportunity to pass ones own array to this jQuery plugin when/if it is working.


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