about changing class of compiled script Topic is solved

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about changing class of compiled script

28 Aug 2017, 05:49


I've found this post about changing class of complied exe
https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/3388 ... entry52356

It's says "Anything up to 15 characters is fine" but I need to set class to 20 characters and it works, but I believe it may cause bugs in some functionality of scripts or am I safe?

changing this
to this

where is that string "Normal" used at?

ps. I don't hate ahk, I have another big program that works with specific window class only to draw overlay on.
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Re: about changing class of compiled script  Topic is solved

29 Aug 2017, 00:30

This is used by A_GuiEvent and with this change instead of "Normal" if will be "7890" you are definitely not safe, don't know if your scripts will work or not.

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