Keywait has Delay?

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Re: Keywait has Delay?

12 Sep 2017, 08:52

Capn Odin wrote:You can try using Critical or SetBatchLines.

Thanks, Capn. I thought so too but no dice.

Noesis , thank you, brother, for your thoughtful reading and verbose report in style :bravo: .
Noesis wrote:Ok so I tried your test, and I got papa for all of them.

My first guess is that your p-key scancode isn't SC019, is it? If it's not than test samples should be modified (depending on your p-key scancode).
Perhaps like has been stated previously the reason you get apap is due to you not having completely released the p key before pressing the a key?
Okay, I got your point. On second thought I'm of a mind with you that at certain typing speed sending one key on key-down and sending another key on key-up will be a problem even without any delays. In any case it will be a rub to hit one key right after another's release slowing my typing down. So the faster the speed the fishier the trick. Maybe it's of no use in a long run and doesn't worth to break lances .

And I'll do some additional testing. Thanks again.
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Re: Keywait has Delay?

13 Sep 2017, 00:57

My p key does indeed have a scancode of 019, it isn't that. Bottom line is just add a new hotkey with the Keyhistory command and look at exactly whats happening when you do it.

My recommendation is don't map hotkeys which only produce letters on an up keystroke to often typed keys (especially letters/numbers), when using word processing/data entry type apps, it's just asking for trouble, use keys you don't normally type, or use hotkey contexts, or don't block the native function, or use multiple scripts, ... etc, it comes down to designing your script(s) in a way that makes them work best for you.
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Re: Keywait has Delay?

24 Sep 2017, 23:18

Problem solved, workaround found (now it's being fire-tested) . All it took one man to do the test I asked with results reported. Thank you ever so much, Noesis.
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Re: Keywait has Delay?

25 Sep 2017, 10:28

I'd be interested in seeing your solution CAH9t, in case it makes any difference on my end.

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