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Specific Logitech MX ERGO support!!

Posted: 14 Nov 2017, 02:06
by dx34354

aw, i get it. you guys (switching to your third forum and not importing the database, and as such, peeps having to create new accounts) is all about :trollface:

moving on..


long time AHK user.

<insert deleted original post here..>

i actually had a request, but decided to check the AHK help file, and it's already supported. may GOD the merciful bless AHK for eternity. :superhappy:

ps: i was going to ask for scrollwheel tilt support. no need it seems. WheelLeft/WheelRight is what i was "looking" for. have not yet tested this, just got mx ergo yesterday, and was getting ready. i'll report back my findings later.


Re: Specific Logitech MX ERGO support!!

Posted: 14 Nov 2017, 10:56
by dx34354
..and, i'm back.. so i have now tested one game (and it may be specific to it, though, it technically shouldn't be) and whilst the scroll tilt registers in game via the AHK emulation it's not behaving correctly. the game supports lean left/right (It's The Walking Dead Survival Instinct fyi) within the game world. you can lean left/right if you want to be stealthy, like perhaps before entering rooms and such to scope out what's inside - or at least partially. the game has zombies and kinda requires a stealth element if you don't want to be overwhelmed. shooting is possible but the noise attracts zombies and you don't want to have to deal with more than a few at any one time. i set the game keys for lean left/right to be A/S. when i use AHK, and use the scrollwheel itself, both lean sides register, but behave incorrectly. it seems that AHK interprets the lean command as a toggle. if i lean using the scrollwheel, it sticks to that view. it should not. using the keyboard, the lean view and action is a temporary "hold key" to lean thing. that is, when i press A to lean left, your view tilts to the left and stays that way only until you let go. that's normal, and how other games implement lean too. and no, the game doesn't via it's settings, support a toggle for the lean keys; meaning that the way it should work when using the scrollwheel is the same -obviously- as when using the keyboard, which is to say that when i tilt via the scrollwheel, my in-game view should lean and stay that way only until i let go of the scrollwheel. it doesn't, like already stated, and tilting the scrollwheeel either way just "locks" the lean view whichever way i'm leaning, permanently - which in itself is kinda strange, since the game settings do not have a toggle option for that game command. the game does have/support a toggle option for other things, like the rifle scope zoom. it allows you to chose which you prefer; press and hold a key to zoom in, or press key once and remain zoomed in until pressed again.

so is this an AHK issue? so far it is the only game i tested with my new mx ergo, and it kinda works but it's wonky. for now, i'll use the keyboard for leaning, but would like to be able to use AHK + scrolwheel tilt combo even in this game just to get it working properly, because i like solving problems and why not and all that. (edit fyi; using windows 7 as my o/s.)

Re: Specific Logitech MX ERGO support!!

Posted: 15 Nov 2017, 21:28
by dx34354
hello? .... test 123 all systems go!?!?? :crazy:

please applaud.. ugh, i mean anybody here? dev especially?

Re: Specific Logitech MX ERGO support!!

Posted: 16 Nov 2017, 00:35
by Noesis
Hi dx34354, just so you know this, isn't the best thread for this post, it should really be in Ask for help, and if it had been there, you'd have probably gotten an answer sooner than now. Also including the code you are using would also enable someone to actually help you with the issue, as currently we don't know what code you're using (But we can guess).

What you're describing is due to the way mouse wheels work. With keys there are two events that happen a key down, when pressed and a key up when released. With mouse wheels, it is different, think of the wheel in when it's scrolled up/down. It rotates, and so it never really "held down" and is assumed to be released, after being pressed, because you can't hold it.

The wheel left/right actually works the same way, despite the fact you can physically hold them in one direction or the other these days, Early horizontal scroll wheels were functionally done either by using an additional separate vertical scroll wheel (so there where two of them on the mouse, one for each action), or by holding a modifier and using the vertical scroll wheel to function for horizontal scrolling, so at an Operating system level it was implemented the same way as vertical scrolling, i.e. as never being held and assumed to be released after each scroll "tick".

Essentially to fix it you need to either code for this limitation, or if your "mouse" uses something like Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) you could simply remap the tilt to use keys there and let LGS handle this particular limitation instead.

Re: Specific Logitech MX ERGO support!!

Posted: 19 Nov 2017, 10:29
by dx34354
i use just;


it works like i say, but not properly. i won't use logitech's own software just for this. AHK should properly support scroll tilt. if they don't want to that's fine, not really, but whatever, but if it's an issue they aren't aware of..
i actually wonder how many AHK users have mice with scroll tilt and then out of those how many more want to use AHK to remap keys to it? i might be alone. maybe the devs never looked at this issue, and there is hope.

as for the correct forum section, a mod should move it if that is so. i can not.