Anyone having problems with Firefox 57?

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Anyone having problems with Firefox 57?

18 Nov 2017, 13:02

I just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox (57), and one of my everyday use scripts is breaking regularly when sending strings to the address bar.

Up until a few months ago, I could use SendPlay and everything worked great. Then that stopped working reliably, and I switched to SendInput. Now SendInput isn't working and the only way I can reliably enter URLs is with SendEvent, which is not much faster than I can type manually.

I just tried SendPlay and it's not apparently doing *anything*, which is bizaare.

I used to be able to do something like this:

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SendPlay ^l{Enter}
Now I have to do this (and even then it's not 100% reliable):

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SendEvent ^l
Sleep, 10
Many times the beginning of the URL (or javascript) I'm sending is truncated. Sometimes just a single character, sometimes more.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Any ideas how to get back my old functionality?
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Re: Anyone having problems with Firefox 57?

18 Nov 2017, 21:29

It's possible that your sleep time is too small,

This currently works for me on ff 57

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sendURL(str,sendEnter = 1) {
	Sendinput ^l
	sleep 50
	Sendinput % str (sendEnter ? "{enter}" : "")
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Re: Anyone having problems with Firefox 57?

18 Nov 2017, 22:26

Hi, seems to be a lot of problems with FF57. Many are going back to FF56.0.2.
I Googled "rollback Firefox 57", and this was the 1st entry:

"I need to rollback from the newly-installed Win10 v57.0 64b Firefox ... can you provide a link?"

It took less than a minute; not the same trouble as you have, but it did fix mine.


Edit- Seems to have more problems if running Win64.

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