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How to display RTL Languages in GUI?

Posted: 12 Dec 2017, 16:20
by DanielToward13
I am using PleasantNotify code to display some notifications in RTL and LTR languages. I have searched for RTL text in GUI but I couldn't find any solution for that. The result should looks something like this:


I have tried to add 0x00400000L to Gui, Notify: Add, Text, % " x" 20 " y" 56 " w" pnW-20 " h" pnH-56 " vpn_msg" 0x00400000L, % message but it doesn't work. Can you give an example for RTL text display in GUI?

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#SingleInstance force

MyTitle := "Left"
MyMessage := "Loading, Please wait..."
PleasantNotify(MyTitle, MyMessage , 600, 210, "vc hc", "15")

PleasantNotify(title, message, pnW=700, pnH=300, position="b r", time=10) {
    global pn_title, pn_msg, PN_hwnd, w, h
	Gui, Notify: +AlwaysOnTop +ToolWindow -SysMenu -Caption +LastFound
	PN_hwnd := WinExist()
	WinSet, ExStyle, +0x20
	WinSet, Transparent, 0
	Gui, Notify: Color, 0xF2F2F0
	Gui, Notify: Font, c0x07D82F s18 wBold, Segoe UI
	Gui, Notify: Add, Text, % " x" 20 " y" 12 " w" pnW-20 " vpn_title", % title
	Gui, Notify: Font, cBlack s15 wRegular
	Gui, Notify: Add, Text, % " x" 20 " y" 56 " w" pnW-20 " h" pnH-56 " vpn_msg", % message
	RealW := pnW + 50
	RealH := pnH + 20
	Gui, Notify: Show, W%RealW% H%RealH% NoActivate
	WinMove(PN_hwnd, position)
	if A_ScreenDPI = 96
		WinSet, Region,0-0 w%pnW% h%pnH% R40-40,%A_ScriptName%
	/* For Screen text size 125%
	if A_ScreenDPI = 120
		WinSet, Region, 0-0 w800 h230 R40-40, %A_ScriptName%
	winfade("ahk_id " PN_hwnd,210,5)
	if (time <> "P")
		Closetick := time*1000
		SetTimer, ByeNotify, % Closetick

Notify_Destroy() {
	global PN_hwnd
	SetTimer, ByeNotify, Off
    winfade("ahk_id " PN_hwnd,0,5)
    Gui, Notify: Destroy

pn_mod_title(title) {
	global pn_title
	GuiControl, Notify: Text,pn_title, % title

pn_mod_msg(message) {
	global pn_msg
	GuiControl, Notify: Text,pn_msg, % message

WinMove(hwnd,position) {
   SysGet, Mon, MonitorWorkArea
   WinGetPos,ix,iy,w,h, ahk_id %hwnd%
   x := InStr(position,"l") ? MonLeft : InStr(position,"hc") ?  (MonRight-w)/2 : InStr(position,"r") ? MonRight - w : ix
   y := InStr(position,"t") ? MonTop : InStr(position,"vc") ?  (MonBottom-h)/2 : InStr(position,"b") ? MonBottom - h : iy
   WinMove, ahk_id %hwnd%,,x,y

winfade(w:="",t:=128,i:=1,d:=10) {
    w:=(w="")?("ahk_id " WinActive("A")):w
    s:=(s="")?255:s ;prevent trans unset bug
    while(k:=(i<0)?(s>t):(s<t)&&WinExist(w)) {
        sleep %d%

Re: How to display RTL Languages in GUI?  Topic is solved

Posted: 12 Dec 2017, 17:04
by A_AhkUser
Hello DanielToward13,

Try the following:

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marginRight := 40
Gui, Notify: Add, Text, % " x" 20 " y" 56 " w" pnW-marginRight " h" pnH-56 " vpn_msg +Right", % message

Btw a style value goes in between quotes using expressions:

Code: Select all


GUI, Margin, 10, 10
GUI, Add, Text, % "Section w300 h300" . A_Space . SS_BLACKRECT,
GUI, Add, Text, % "0x4 ys w300 h300",
GUI, Show, AutoSize

Re: How to display RTL Languages in GUI?

Posted: 12 Dec 2017, 18:30
by jeeswg
Btw AHK doesn't use trailing L's with messages.

Re: How to display RTL Languages in GUI?

Posted: 12 Dec 2017, 18:39
by DanielToward13
@jeeswg What does that mean?

I have another problem which is how to close the GUI if the user clicks outside of the notification window? I have tried to add the below code but it doesn't work because hWinUM is always different from PN_hwnd. is it because the notification GUI is transparent or NoActivate?

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MouseGetPos,,, hWinUM
MsgBox, %PN_hwnd%
MsgBox, %hWinUM%
if (hWinUM != PN_hwnd){
      MsgBox, outside of the notification area
I found out that the problem was because of the click-through style of the window. I commented the WinSet, ExStyle, +0x20 line out and it works fine now. This article was very helpful to understand the WinSet and ExStyle.

Re: How to display RTL Languages in GUI?

Posted: 12 Dec 2017, 18:53
by jeeswg
This style, 0x00400000L, is used in some programming languages, but not AutoHotkey. You would just use 0x00400000.