Simulating a right Ctrl key

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Simulating a right Ctrl key

03 Jan 2018, 01:53

Hello and Happy New Year!

I will soon be using a Surface Pro 4, which does not have a right Ctrl key.

Would AHK let me set up the combined right Alt key, with the Menu key, so that when those two were pressed together, along with another key, e.g., a 'c' key, it would result in a Ctrl-C being passed?

I know a bit about how to use the Menu key with AHK, e.g.:

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RAlt & SC15D::MsgBox Right Alt + Menu key
But I don't see how to use that in a script that would have to receive any key at all as the the third key for the command. (Wouldn't want to use an input box for the third key. I want it to work just like a regular Ctrl key.)

Is this possible?

Thank you!
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Re: Simulating a right Ctrl key

04 Jan 2018, 09:24

Modified from: ... mbination/

hold the menu button down while pressing ralt and c

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RAlt & c::
If GetKeyState("SC15D","P")
	MsgBox Right Alt + Menu key + c


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Re: Simulating a right Ctrl key

04 Jan 2018, 20:45

These are the remappings I use on my SP4. The first two lines changes the Apps key into Ctrl, while shift+Apps can be used to get Apps. The third line allows me to press alt+F4 to close an application without having to press Fn.

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Hope this helps.
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