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Mouse click and movement macro

Posted: 26 Oct 2013, 12:09
by jimson
I need some help as I am totally unfamiliar with writing scripts or adding commands etc. What I want to do is use a macro to calculate the routes in a games mission editor.

It looks like this:


When I open a route it looks like this:


Using Pulovers macro creator , I recorded a macro for the first route and played it back and it will do the required mouse movements and clicks, but each route will open in a different vertical position.

I would like to be able to somehow designate what position the macro will run from each time and I am guessing the actions would have to be offset from the first mouse position rather than coordinates.

This is what it would look like: ...

Is this possible and can someone help me figure out how to do it?

Re: Mouse click and movement macro

Posted: 28 Oct 2013, 00:56
by Hawkysoft
Not 100% sure what you mean here... but if I understand right, when you spawn you can spawn on multiple places/rotations/offsets...

If this is the case, you could easily get this by reading your screen... see what is different for every location than do a pixelsearch/getpixelcolor to determ where your located so you can move on from this position