Special Unicode character and encoding issue

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Special Unicode character and encoding issue

03 Mar 2018, 13:38

Suppose I have this hotstring in my script:

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If I write my script with Sublime Text, and save as UTF-8, the hotstring will output some gabled text like 鈽�.
If I then open this script with notepad, and save again, the issue will be fixed. The hotstring will correctly output ★.
But if I then open the script with Sublime Text again, it'll show the encoding has been changed to "UTF-8 with BOM". I don't know much about "UTF-8 with BOM", although it's supposed to be discouraged, I don't actually mind. But I'm just curious, is there something I should understand about this behavior?
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Re: Special Unicode character and encoding issue

03 Mar 2018, 14:38

You can find an explanation here:


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