AHK suddenly stops working?

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AHK suddenly stops working?

05 Oct 2014, 00:53

So AHK was working fine for me up until a few days ago, now when I wish to use it for logging in quickly to an application it doesn't allow me anymore (runescape and league of legends), I know this is only me as my friends are still able to do the same thing but I am unable to do anything now

I am not 100% sure if I changed anything in my own system settings that would stop me from doing this, any help would be fantastic
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Re: AHK suddenly stops working?

30 Oct 2014, 21:49

Does ahk work for anything else on your system?
Could be that ahk script got accidentally paused or closed. See if you can reload the script.
Sometimes when games or apps get updated the ahkclass changes and that will affect scripts that use that parameter.
I would suggest posting the your script and point out which part doesn't work. Just make sure to remove any username and password info before posting.
Another thing to check is to make sure you running the script with admin rights.

Hope that helps.

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