Send data to Python script (Messaging Queue) Topic is solved

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Send data to Python script (Messaging Queue)

03 Jun 2018, 08:29

I want to pass data (several numbers) to a python script and get result (several numbers) back (such as 2+2=4).

I tried using ZeroMQ but the dll is probably too old because it fails to load, while downloading a new dll from ZeroMQ (4.0.4_v120.dll, etc) and using it, gives half-result and and then throws error 9.

Yes, I know about IPC but found only python-python and ahk-ahk solutions.

Any help?
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Re: Send data to Python script (Messaging Queue)  Topic is solved

03 Jun 2018, 09:28

If you run python script from AHK, perhaps you can pass the numbers as parameters/arguments. If you don't - maybe make both scripts wait for a JSON, and if they were saved to file - delete after reading.
Might be not the best solution, but surely an easy one.

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