Looking for a Guild wars 2 (stealth) - Countdown Scipt

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Looking for a Guild wars 2 (stealth) - Countdown Scipt

17 Jul 2018, 22:03

I am looking to have a custom AHK script to use a stealth counter for Guild Wars 2 - hitting certain buttons will add time to the stealth, doing nothing makes the stealth countdown to zero and brings you out of stealth
so basically...
I am looking to get a script that will do a countdown on a button push (lets say 10 seconds) - but If I click another button I would it to add (x) ammount of time to the countdown (5 buttons total)

so when in practice..

I click button 1 - it starts a 10 seconds countdown
if I click button 2 - it adds 4 seconds to the countdown
if I click button 3 - it adds 3 seconds to the countdown

if I do nothing - the countdown counts down to 0

hopefully that makes sense?
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Re: Looking for a Guild wars 2 (stealth) - Countdown Scipt

18 Jul 2018, 08:05

Code: Select all

currentSecs := 20
;"floating string"
StringTrimLeft, background_color, background_color, 2
Gui, 99:destroy
Gui, 99: -Caption +E0x80000 +LastFound +OwnDialogs +Owner +AlwaysOnTop +E0x20
Gui, 99:Color, c888888
Gui, 99:Font, s16 q1 c0xffffff, Arial
gui, 99:margin,, 0
gui, 99:add, text, vtimer_text, 10000
Gui, 99:Show, y0 x0 NoActivate, bullgrimwm
WinSet, TransColor, c888888 255, bullgrimwm
GuiControl,99:, timer_text, 0
SetTimer, tick, 1000

if(currentSecs > 0)
GuiControl,99:, timer_text, %currentSecs%

~$*W::currentSecs += 10
~$*LButton::currentSecs += 20

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