Please help testing this small script

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Please help testing this small script

27 Jul 2018, 16:26

I am trying to figure out why when I compile using ahk2exe it ignored these directives, please help

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;@Ahk2Exe-SetDescription Test app
;@Ahk2Exe-SetVersion 50
;@Ahk2Exe-SetCopyright Copyright (c) 2018`, Testapp
msgbox, Thanks for testing
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Re: Please help testing this small script

27 Jul 2018, 17:27

Hi, works Ok for me. Are you sure you are using fincs compiler. I'm using one dated 2-7-16 @ 823 kb. I think it is the last one.
The compiler supplied with AHK Version is dated 7-12-18 @ 837 kb.


Every time you would upgrade AHK, most pick the compiler also. So you would not be using fincs.
Thought I'd do a little checking why fincs stopped upgrading the compiler, here is why.

Convert a Script to an EXE (ahk2exe)
Custom version info (as seen in Explorer's file-properties dialog) can be added to your compiled scripts by using a utility such as Resource Hacker (freeware) to edit the file "AutoHotkeySC.bin". This file is contained in the "Compiler" subfolder where AutoHotkey was installed. Compile_AHK II can be used to facilitate this process. As of v1.1.01, the compiled script can be edited instead of AutoHotkeySC.bin.
Get Resource Hacker from here -->

Thanks for the question as quite a while ago I was going to look into it, but as I would keep replacing the new one with fincs I never got around to it.

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