Convert minutes to hours and minutes.

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Convert minutes to hours and minutes.

27 Jul 2018, 18:44

My printer gives me time remaining in minutes, I am trying to convert that into hours and minutes. For instance if it tells me 90 minutes left I would like to convert it to 1:30. I've tried using FormatTime but I'm not doing something right.

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FormatTime, TimeVar, 90, h:mm
Since some prints take several days it may be beneficial to convert to days, hours and minutes. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
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Re: Convert minutes to hours and minutes.

27 Jul 2018, 19:08

- FormatTime only accepts dates, starting at the year 1601, so normally you have to use something like 19000101 and apply EnvAdd/DateAdd and then format the date using FormatTime, if you want to use FormatTime to format times (durations) instead of dates.
- Here's a function that uses Format instead of FormatTime:

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q:: ;minutes to d:HH:mm or H:mm
MsgBox, % FormatMin(90)
MsgBox, % FormatMin(90 + 24*60)

	if (vMin < 1440)
		return Format("{}:{:02}", Floor(Mod(vMin,1440)/60), Floor(Mod(vMin,60)))
		return Format("{}:{:02}:{:02}", Floor(vMin/1440), Floor(Mod(vMin,1440)/60), Floor(Mod(vMin,60)))
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Re: Convert minutes to hours and minutes.

28 Jul 2018, 22:22

Great, thanks for this.

I had actually found a way using the old MCI library. It has a function to convert minutes to milliseconds and another to convert milliseconds to hours, minutes, and seconds. That worked but this is much simpler. Thanks again.

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