Find window by its task bar comment

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Find window by its task bar comment

03 Aug 2018, 03:13

I work with MS Dynamics NAV for sevral companies. This Program tends to open lots of windows with different titles.
I want to activate any window for a certain company (Sending F12 to thas window will then take me to its main window).
Unfortunately, the windows' titles do not contain the company name.
I found out that the company name is only contained in the hint text that shows, when I hold the mouse cursor is over the task bar button ("GWG" in the picture).
Is there any way to get to enumerate all windows containing "Microsoft Dynamics NAV" in the title and this hint and evaluate the taskbar hint text to find the right window?
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Re: Find window by its task bar comment

03 Aug 2018, 23:51

Are there any consistencies with the titles they do have? Also, what does active window info/window spy tell you about the windows? Another though, if there are any consistent headers or some criteria per each company, you make integrate COM to then make a decision on what window to activate.

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