AHK Memory leak

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AHK Memory leak

13 Aug 2018, 19:30


Is there a way to reduce the amount of memory AHK uses when performing ImageSearch? My script has 7 threads, with each thread searching a single image, in 1-second intervals.

The search causes my CPU usage to randomly peaks at 100%

I play games like Crysis & CoD and I use a lot of robust programs like Maya & 3DMax. More often than not, AHK consumes more memory than these programs, to perform multi-thread imagesearch. This confuses me.
Is there a way to make AHK release memory it does not need?
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Re: AHK Memory leak

14 Aug 2018, 00:18

That seems to be something specific to your script.
I dont use AHK_H and havent worked with multi-threading since idk 2014 I think.
If you dont share your script nobody will be able to help you since I dont think we have those problems.
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Re: AHK Memory leak

14 Aug 2018, 07:17

It also depends on the imagesearch. If you end up searching your entire screen then you will run into problems where your computer will take a performance hit doing it. If you know where on your screen that image will appear then try limiting just to that area. And as nnnik said please post at least the portion of the script that you think is cause this memory leak.

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