Basic auto run notepad + type

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Basic auto run notepad + type

10 Sep 2018, 21:01

Hey I've been working on the ahk for about 4 days now and I seriously need some help.
It really seems like there's nothing wrong with my script but every time I try and use it.. it doesn't work.
Mine looks the same as the other scripts... in my point of view :/
I need you guys to take a look and see what's wrong .

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WORKING SCRIPT(got it from the internet)
Run, Notepad
Send, Hello`n 
Send, I'm a student. `n 

MY SCRIPT (which doesn't work properly)
LAlt & n::
Run, Notepad
Send, nd1126 `n 
Send,this is my id`n
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Re: Basics

11 Sep 2018, 06:47

tomoe_uehara wrote:

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msgbox ok
As already said.
Take a look at this to learn more.

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; Your code
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Re: Basic auto run notepad + type

11 Sep 2018, 07:24

- Your original script worked for me. Perhaps you could explain further what doesn't work.
- I've added some code to make sure that it writes to the new window. Cheers.

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LAlt & n::
Run, notepad,,, vPID
WinWait, % "ahk_class Notepad ahk_pid " vPID
hWnd := WinExist()
WinActivate, % "ahk_id " hWnd
Send, nd1126 `n
Send, this is my id`n
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