Copy from excel and paste in Oracle

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Copy from excel and paste in Oracle

14 Sep 2018, 06:24

Hi, I'm new to this forum and urgently need help for one of the tedious activity I'm doing right now, any help will be highly appreciated!...I have an excel file with two columns namely (1) GFR and (2) Request type with data of around 500 rows. I want Autohotkey script to copy a cell like A2 from excel and paste the value on a oracle screen and then copy cell B2 from excel and paste in diffrent field in oracle screen. Then click ''Go'' on oracle and change one of the drop down in Oracle from ''No'' to ''ASL restricted'' on the next screen. Then click apply and then ''OK'' on the next screen. And I want this to do it for all the rows available in excel file.

Would it be possible in Autohotkey? I have seen a friend of mine doing the same years ago.

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Re: Copy from excel and paste in Oracle

14 Sep 2018, 13:41

Totally doable with AHK. If I were you i would try pulover's macrocreator first, you can learn a lot from it and deconstruct the code to write more robust/reliable code directly in AHK.
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Re: Copy from excel and paste in Oracle

14 Sep 2018, 18:28

Getting the information from Excel is easy.

Code: Select all

  xlApp := ComObjActive("Excel.Application")
  for Cell in xlApp.Range("A2:A1000").Cells
    if Cell.Value2
      ; Do all your clicky, pasting, tabbing stuff in Oracle
      ; But for now just display the values from Excel
      MsgBox % Cell.Value2 "`t" Cell.Offset(0,1).Value2
  MsgBox DONE 
Typing the information into another program is more difficult to explain because it will depending on things like knowing the names of the controls into which to enter the info or very specific key combinations to navigate through the fields in the other program. This stuff will be specific to your case.

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