Search in clipboard, replace and Send a string

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Search in clipboard, replace and Send a string

17 Sep 2018, 03:28

Hi there, I am Using AHK for 2 or 3 months now and having a blast with it but I think I started a too much complicated project for me, anyway I would love to finish it as it would be useful for me.

I want a script that select all, copy and extract a line of text, I need to select/copy cause its a dynamic website, here the website :

The text I need is for exemple : 10 ; 3 the number can be -99 to 99

Next I would love to replace this text by 10,3 so I can use it

I used a lot of things, the most succeful I got was

Code: Select all

  clip = %clipboard%
  sleep, 1000
  pos := Instr(clip,"[ ")
But there a problem with it, It outpout the text after the numbers. (like close this ad)
So I guess I have to use RegExMatch but I cant seem to understand it and the documentation I found didnt help me much

Anyway if any of you have some time to help me you're welcome :) and sorry if its confuse, I have this script in my head for days now its break my brain

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