MyMenu, MenuHandler, How Custom?

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MyMenu, MenuHandler, How Custom?

18 Sep 2018, 23:01


Based on this example of the guide I want to personalize the menu a little with color and change fonts but I can not get it just change the background.

They can guide me a little

Thank you.



Code: Select all

; Create the popup menu by adding some items to it.
Menu, MyMenu, Add, Item1, MenuHandler
Menu, MyMenu, Add, Item2, MenuHandler
Menu, MyMenu, Add  ; Add a separator line.

; Create another menu destined to become a submenu of the above menu.
Menu, Submenu1, Add, Item1, MenuHandler
Menu, Submenu1, Add, Item2, MenuHandler

; Create a submenu in the first menu (a right-arrow indicator). When the user selects it, the second menu is displayed.
Menu, MyMenu, Add, My Submenu, :Submenu1

Menu, MyMenu, Add  ; Add a separator line below the submenu.
Menu, MyMenu, Add, Item3, MenuHandler  ; Add another menu item beneath the submenu.
return  ; End of script's auto-execute section.


clipboard = %A_ThisMenuItem%
Send ^v

Menu, MyMenu, Color, C0C0C0, Single
Menu, MyMenu, Show,

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