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Same script behaves differently between Win7/10

Posted: 19 Sep 2018, 17:47
by fohrums

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UPDATED-STATEMENT: [email protected] Post created
I'm trying to yank a name of a file/folder and ending it with an escape. Although i'm able to get it to work on Windows 7, an issue is that I have to use an {Escape} workaround or re-map so it's not traditional. As for Windows 10, it just doesn't work at all where it seems to close the Window and if I try to yank an icon from desktop it removes the icons from view and i'm left unable to right-click desktop to sort icons, so I have to restart my PC. My script is as follows (beginning with escape remap, then the yank file/folder afterwards):

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; Win7 works, but needs escape workaround (hence, `!+[`)
; Win10 doesn't work at all

!+[::SendInput, {Escape}

  SendInput, {F2} ; rename file
  SendInput, ^a ; select all text
  SendInput, ^c ; yank selected text
  SendInput, !+[ ; escape to normal mode in windows explorer

* Operating System
+ Windows 7 x64 v6.1.7601
+ Windows 10 x64 v(willpostlater)
* Autohotkey
+ AutoHotkey_1.1.30.00_setup.exe


* Unable to produce same result for SendInput, {Escape} on both Windows 7 & Windows 10


* None-so-far

#### NOTE

* Windows 7 using {Escape} doesn't work
+ I had to do a workaround by remapping it to another key combination which is `!+[`