Need help with putting together an AHK-based installer suite

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Need help with putting together an AHK-based installer suite

26 Sep 2018, 10:58

Not sure if I used the right words in the subject, but here is what I would like to achieve:

Goal: save the time to restore my Laptop from a fresh OS installation, by installing existing `*.exe` files automatically

Over the years, I have been through a good number of times where the manufacturer of my laptop would like to redo my Windows OS. Therefore, I have devised a well-managed folder that has everything I need to restore the "fresh OS". Yet, it is both physically and psychologically demanding (laborious and dull) to click them open, and Enter-through all those steps.

I see potential from AHK to achieve these repetitive installation tasks, and wonder if there shall exist a good reference on installing a list of installers.

Thank you in advance.

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