Maximum INI file before corruption concerns?

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Maximum INI file before corruption concerns?

27 Sep 2018, 10:04


I'm working on building a few databases with INI files to quickly retrieve a PDF. I haven't fully populated one yet, but after running a loop for 12 hours creating one, its over 400K lines, and 59MB. One question I'm being asked is the reliability at that size, and larger. Are there concerns with corruption at 59MB+? Each entry is relatively short, so a value larger than 64Kb is not an issue.

Example INI entry

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[Name|Street Address1]
Location:=c:\archive\correspondence\2013\001\123456001.PDF ;File path to PDF
Also, for curiosity sake, what is the largest INI file you have used?

Any help on this is highly appreciated! :)


Re: Maximum INI file before corruption concerns?

28 Sep 2018, 06:43

What ever you do make frequent backups of your data

There are other formats, see info in this thread (mods have to approve my guest post there as well):

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