Custom script?

Get help with using AutoHotkey and its commands and hotkeys
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Custom script?

03 Oct 2018, 08:07

Hello, I need help for a custom automated script (sadly I'm noob, I'm not able to build that script myself), is there someone that can help me? I can also hire if you want... thank you
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Re: Custom script?

03 Oct 2018, 14:10

Basic/simple with hotkey Z

Code: Select all

Send, [text you want]
with hotstring Z

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Send, [text you want]
you also add like
If (your_value = another_value)

Loop, ;from blank to some number for loop permanent or limit loop
Break ;use in loop
Continue ;use in loop if really need.

A := B is store value B to value A or value A get from value B
A := B + C - D * E / F // G is add, sub, multi, div, div around (i don't remember around up or down).

SetFotmatTime, is get a time
And much much more

Please read in file AutoHotkey.chm for more information.
I :superhappy: when I know about AHK.
I have been using AHK for do anything in microsoft window.
The first time I know it in around year 2013.

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