Capturing FFPLAY elapsed time

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Capturing FFPLAY elapsed time

17 Oct 2018, 22:07

Hi guys.

I hope I can find some help in the right direction.

After a couple of days of trying everything I found on the internet, I'm stuck.

I'm playing a video with FFPLAY (part of FFMPEG) and I need to capture the current elapsed time with a hotkey.

FFPLAY outputs that to the cmd console created via RUNWAIT

I've tried the different methods of StdoutToVar_CreateProcess, CMDret, WScript.Shell and even redirecting the output of FFPLAY to a file, looping through it and reading the last line.

But everything I try is not quick enough, there is always about 2 or 3 seconds difference between the real time and what I'm actually capturing.

Please, any help would be highly appreciated. I don't usually write to forums, only when I'm desperate for help and I've looked everywhere else.

Thank you very much in advance.

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