WMC remote green button to launch WMC Windows 10

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WMC remote green button to launch WMC Windows 10

20 Oct 2018, 13:20

I've got Windows Media Center installed on Windows 10. I've also got a generic WMC remote. Since WMC is no longer supported, the green button performs a different action. What it does is performs the alt+enter keyboard stroke. So upon starting windows, if pressed, properties on the taskbar is pressed. If a desktop icon is single clicked (highlighted) it will open properties for that icon. However, if you click in an empty space in the desktop, it does nothing. So, what I need is a script to click the mouse in the center of the desktop and the perform the keystroke alt+enter to open the WMC program at C:\Windows\ehome\ehshell.exe or just %windir%\ehome\ehshell.exe
New to AutoHotKey so any help would be appreciated.

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