Excel UDF Add-in with AHK

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Excel UDF Add-in with AHK

19 Dec 2018, 14:09

Is it possible to write an Excel Add-in with UDFs (user defined formulas) in AHK? I guess the recommended C# or VSTO method to make an excel add-in results in an XLL (just a renamed DLL file). I couldn't find any topics on this via Google or the Forum's search. Everything I found relates to changing the cell's values directly with COM.

The end goal here is to be able to type a UDF in excel that would get it's value from AHK. Please see example below.

In Excel:

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=fAddMe(1, 2)
AHK Code:

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Array[1] := 5
Array[2] := 6
   a := Array[i]
   b := Array[j]

   return a+b
Excel Result:

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