How would you attack this GUI?

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How would you attack this GUI?

26 Dec 2018, 22:57

Ok. So I have just been assigned the "coordinator" of a new application system that will be spoonfed to AP. I will be fielding applications from all over the company, ensuring that all paperwork is in order and if approvals need to be obtained from other individuals/groups, that that is done. I inherited this job from others,and in my opinion, the processes could do with a lot of streamlining. But one step at a time, I think. I'd rather go with their process and make it work more efficiently, so I'm freakin awesome at gettin stuff done, and THEN suggest ways to streamline/make more sense/etc.

THAT SAID ... this process involves monitoring a separate email inbox and sending *some* types of replies from that box and others from my own personal inbox (I know ... I know ... makes no sense to me either ..., but they insisted when I questioned it once). This will also require me sending new emails to other individuals/departments to get approvals on different parts of the process. Eventually, I will gather all the separate emails and send the final approval for EVERYTHING (OMG, yes, the world and everything) to AP for their entry into the system.

So ... to corral all the emails I need to send, I was thinking of a GUI that would drill down through some choices to get to the email that I need, including the attachments,cc's, etc.

What I envisioned:
Level 1:
Who does the email need to go to:
Choose one: AP, The Wizard, The Tax Guy, Legal, Zooboomafoo

Level 2:
If AP, what specifically?
add entity, change payment terms, change vendor name, etc. and also, is this domestic/international, and is this contractor/non-contractor?
The Wizard, what specifically?
go home, new shoes, new heart, etc.

Level 3:
Domestic or international? contractor or noncontractor?

Level 4:
Compose email:
get company name, cc's, attachments, etc.

How would you attack this project? How do you think I could cut down on the levels (LEVELS, JERRY. LEVELS.) ?

(I am hoping that once I get to the final level, I can use the smtp protocol to automate sending the email so I don't have to go to the actual inbox the email needs to be generated from, but I'm not sure if that's going to work -- I've been running into problems with that too - firewall, I think). So if that doesn't work, I'll have to do a search for the appropriate window and then start a new email from there. )

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