Read state and toggle Shooting Mode in Emulator (PUBG)

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Read state and toggle Shooting Mode in Emulator (PUBG)

25 Jan 2019, 15:31

I have created some custom scripts for Tencent Gaming Buddy, and they are working fine.
But there's something I have problem with, getting current cursor mode.

As we know that TGB (and any other emulator playing PUBG) has something called Shooting Mode, which is a state to make cursor disappear and use them to control the crosshair.
Now I need to get the cursor state, or even better, need function to toggle shooting mode.

My current approach is just sending the built-in hotkey: CTRL.
Like if I want to make a quick chat for 'Enemies ahead', I would make a script containing:
send ctrl (open cursor mode)
click chat icon
click quick chat position
send ctrl (close cursor mode)

this works fine, but sometimes there's situation when the cursor is already opened, and I use the quickchat hotkey, it becomes:
send ctrl (close cursor mode) // because cursor already opened, this script makes it close
click chat icon //wont work as the cursor is not displayed
click quick chat position //wont work
send ctrl (open cursor mode) //another problem

wouldn't it be nice if we can do something like

if (cursor <> shootingMode && cursor <> visible) {
send ctrl
click chat icon
click quickchat position

and yes, I have tried using get cursor type (or something), but it doesn't work... Any help, clue or tutorial would be appreciated... Thanks in advance...

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