"System Sounds" in Win 10 mixer. Topic is solved

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"System Sounds" in Win 10 mixer.

30 Jan 2019, 07:51

Is there a way to specifically control the "System Sounds" channel as seen in the attached pic?

The mixer only seems to respond to component type of Master or Wave but using those effects all three channels. Other component types have no effect on this mixer. When I try to use a component type not listed in the manual, such as "System Sounds", it gets an error and won't run the script.

I would like to be able to mute this channel while my script is running and unmute when it exits. Any ideas? Thanks

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Re: "System Sounds" in Win 10 mixer.  Topic is solved

30 Jan 2019, 09:29

Sure, use Lexikos' VA.ahk library (v2.3):

Docs: https://ahkscript.github.io/VistaAudio/
Download v2.3: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/21984-vista-audio-control-functions/ (dropbox link works)

Example by Geekdude: //autohotkey.com/board/topic/21984-vista-audio-control-functions/?p=608538 (also possible to mute specific programs with this, afaik)
Push Ctrl+m to toggle system sounds' mute state.

Code: Select all

#Include VA.ahk
; Get "System Sounds" (PID 0)
if !(Volume := GetVolumeObject(""))
    MsgBox, There was a problem retrieving the application volume interface
OnExit, ExitSub
VA_ISimpleAudioVolume_GetMute(Volume, Mute)
VA_ISimpleAudioVolume_SetMute(Volume, !Mute)
    static IID_IASM2 := "{77AA99A0-1BD6-484F-8BC7-2C654C9A9B6F}"
    , IID_IASC2 := "{bfb7ff88-7239-4fc9-8fa2-07c950be9c6d}"
    , IID_ISAV := "{87CE5498-68D6-44E5-9215-6DA47EF883D8}"
    ; Turn empty into integer
    if !Param
        Param := 0
    ; Get PID from process name
    if Param is not Integer
        Process, Exist, %Param%
        Param := ErrorLevel
    ; GetDefaultAudioEndpoint
    DAE := VA_GetDevice()
    ; activate the session manager
    VA_IMMDevice_Activate(DAE, IID_IASM2, 0, 0, IASM2)
    ; enumerate sessions for on this device
    VA_IAudioSessionManager2_GetSessionEnumerator(IASM2, IASE)
    VA_IAudioSessionEnumerator_GetCount(IASE, Count)
    ; search for an audio session with the required name
    Loop, % Count
        ; Get the IAudioSessionControl object
        VA_IAudioSessionEnumerator_GetSession(IASE, A_Index-1, IASC)
        ; Query the IAudioSessionControl for an IAudioSessionControl2 object
        IASC2 := ComObjQuery(IASC, IID_IASC2)
        ; Get the session's process ID
        VA_IAudioSessionControl2_GetProcessID(IASC2, SPID)
        ; If the process name is the one we are looking for
        if (SPID == Param)
            ; Query for the ISimpleAudioVolume
            ISAV := ComObjQuery(IASC2, IID_ISAV)
    return ISAV
; ISimpleAudioVolume : {87CE5498-68D6-44E5-9215-6DA47EF883D8}
VA_ISimpleAudioVolume_SetMasterVolume(this, ByRef fLevel, GuidEventContext="") {
    return DllCall(NumGet(NumGet(this+0)+3*A_PtrSize), "ptr", this, "float", fLevel, "ptr", VA_GUID(GuidEventContext))
VA_ISimpleAudioVolume_GetMasterVolume(this, ByRef fLevel) {
    return DllCall(NumGet(NumGet(this+0)+4*A_PtrSize), "ptr", this, "float*", fLevel)
VA_ISimpleAudioVolume_SetMute(this, ByRef Muted, GuidEventContext="") {
    return DllCall(NumGet(NumGet(this+0)+5*A_PtrSize), "ptr", this, "int", Muted, "ptr", VA_GUID(GuidEventContext))
VA_ISimpleAudioVolume_GetMute(this, ByRef Muted) {
    return DllCall(NumGet(NumGet(this+0)+6*A_PtrSize), "ptr", this, "int*", Muted)
Third-party software alternative: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html (command line)
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Re: "System Sounds" in Win 10 mixer.

30 Jan 2019, 10:04

This works great. Thank You.

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