Problem with script ( tibia auto heal )

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Problem with script ( tibia auto heal )

02 Mar 2019, 09:30

Honor everyone. Well, I have such a problem that the auto hotey script does not work for me. Spaming all the time [f2] by default in the script is entered. The problem is that I got it from my friend has the same monitor and the same inch as I + the same window setting with life in tibia - additionally I used a script to check x.y mouse and everything was good.
[ my script to this game ( tibia )

#IfWinActive Dragon Ball Legend
CoordMode, Pixel, Screen
color:= 0
myszkaX:= 1847
myszkaY:= 147
PixelGetColor, color, %myszkaX%, %myszkaY%, RGB

if(color != 0xDB4F4F){
Send {F2}
Sleep, 200


In addition, I'll write that run auto hotkey as an administrator. Windows 7 64 bit

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