How to identify blank fields on webpage

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How to identify blank fields on webpage

07 Mar 2019, 19:52

I need to run a script that can see if a certain box contains numbers or letters. This box or field is on a webpage. If it's blank, I need a number to be input in a different box on the same page.
I know it's possible, but I don't know how. I don't even know where to begin. I'm fairly new to AHK. Here is my lame attempt at a visual aid:

Pretend Webpage on Mozilla

{ } { } { } { } These are the four boxes that may or may not contain numbers or letters.

{ } { } { } { } These are a separate set of four boxes associated with the first set. If the first box above isn't blank, I need a 1 input in the corresponding box. Then a "2' in the next box and so on.

{not blank} {not blank} {blank} {blank}
{1} {2} {nothing needed in this box} {nothing needed in this box}


{not blank} {not blank} {not blank} {not blank} ***These boxes/fields on the webpage must be checked to see if they are blank.
{1} {2} [3} {4} ***These boxes need numbers input if their box is found not blank.

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