Help with Xinput.ahk and POV Topic is solved

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Help with Xinput.ahk and POV  Topic is solved

09 Mar 2019, 13:25

I have an older version of xinput1_3.dll and I am trying to implement this into my script. I am using this version of the xinput.ahk
Problem I am having is establishing the Up, Down limits for the left analog stick.
Right = 32767 This works perfectly
Left = -32768 Works fine
Up seems to be around the 3900 4100 mark
Down seems to be around the -3900 -4100 mark
Neutral seems to sit around 2500

It sort of works but an up diagonal can register as Down, and a down diagonal can register as an up.

I am using this script to test:


loop 4
b := (a_index - 1)
Cap := XInput_GetCapabilities(b)
State := XInput_GetState(b)
tooltip % State.ThumbLX
if State.ThumbLX !=""
if State.ThumbLX = 32767
PovDirection= Right

if State.ThumbLX = -32768
PovDirection= Left

if (State.ThumbLX > 3900) and (State.ThumbLX < 4100)
PovDirection= Up

if (State.ThumbLX < -3900) and (State.ThumbLX > -4100)
PovDirection= Down

if PovDirection !=
msgbox, % PovDirection
PovDirection =
;msgbox % State.ThumbLX

EDIT: I Figured it out I need to use State.ThumbLY for up down and State.ThumbLX for left right the limits of 32767 and -32768 work for each of them.

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