Move focus based on window layout on screen

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Move focus based on window layout on screen

03 Apr 2019, 05:14

I want a way to replicate how in i3wm one can change the window focus based on where they are relatively positioned.

For e.g., imagine a 3 monitor layout, I have 1 window open in the left most and in the right most monitors and the central monitor has 2 windows open. Imagine I have focus on the right most window in this screen. When I hit a shortcut (eg., ctrl+alt+left), the window to the left of the central monitor is selected. When I run it again, the focus moves to the window in the left most monitor. This action would ignore all minimized screens, and not depend on the order in which they were opened, but purely on how they are positioned on the screen. Similarly ctrl+alt+right will move focus to the windows that are relatively to the right of the current window.

Currently I have AHKed shortcuts which send alt+escape and alt+shift+escape, but the ordering is dependent on the order in which I opened the windows.

Any ideas?

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