Run AutoHotkey without installing Topic is solved

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Run AutoHotkey without installing

07 Apr 2019, 08:11

How can I run AutoHotkey without actually installing it?

I want to run AutoHotkey in a tight corporate environment, but I don't have admin privileges, so I can't install it. While I've done searches for this topic, I'm wary of the (old and/or irrelevant) answers and one of the referenced zip files is pretty old. Maybe I missed the best way, but I thought I'd come to the experts.

What's the best way to do this nowadays?

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Re: Run AutoHotkey without installing  Topic is solved

07 Apr 2019, 14:49

Not sure what ZIPs you are referring to, just go to download the ZIP you see there (below the blue download button) - unpack and there you have autohotkey.exe - just drag & drop a .ahk file on the exe and it starts.
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Re: Run AutoHotkey without installing

07 Apr 2019, 14:53

Alternatively, in case you've downloaded the installer simply unzip it.

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